Destination Plus Size
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Destination Plus-Size

Our mission has always been to make fashion shopping easier, and help our customers feel great in whatever they wear. Since Pocket Wardrobes first launch we’ve helped savvy teens, style conscious gents, glamorous grandmas and solved endless dress dilemmas with budgets ranging from £10 to £3000.

We’ve learnt how hard it is to find sexy underwear or swimwear in large cup sizes (and how may of you, of all ages, that this affects!) The difficulties of finding trousers long enough for tall women and all things petite.

We are excited by the demand for what we offer and we’ve loved getting to know all of our regular posters. However, once we’d built significant numbers across a diverse audience, we were able to take a closer look at who our users are and what you want from us.

What we found was an active group of women wearing bigger sizes who were using Pocket Wardrobe and that remarkably didn’t seem to be served anywhere else. We were astounded by how comparatively few options there are on the High Street yet how many wonderful choices we were finding daily online that we were excited about sharing.

So we asked, and you gave us a resounding ‘yes!’ to our plans for a dedicated plus-size service that focuses exclusively on solutions for curvier women. We will start at a size 14, the industry standard, which allows us to help the many of you that have different upper and lower body sizes. We plan to find fashion you’ll love to any size and if we can’t, we’ll find you a dressmaker that can make!

However, these new developments mean saying goodbye to some of you who’ve become part of our daily (shopping) lives. Since making the decision to go plus-size this is the thing we’ve held off doing but the time has come, and next week when our update goes live, all of our male users and women that wear a size smaller than 14 will no longer be able to post.

So if you are a size 14+,we are all yours – an exclusive destination for the plus-size shopper. So make yourself at home, invite your friends, lets go shopping together and with your support we will make this the turning point in transforming plus-size fashion for all.